Opening of the Session


Ahh, the mysteriously disappearing Wendell returns! I’m interning in the state senate this spring. It’s kept me so swamped I haven’t been blogging much. Actually, that’s pretty funny, because a couple people got canned last year for shooting their mouths off in their blogs. I know this because we had a special warning about blogs in our orientation. It’s good I was told that on day 1, because by day 2 I had already discovered that Senator xxxxxxxx was having an affair with xxxxxx xxxxxx!!! Ok, that didn’t really happen, but what if

Anyway, today was the opening day of the session. I skipped most of the ceremonies though. Trust me, it’s way better to watch it on TV than to be present on the floor. Once they start, they lock you in the chamber. I went to these things as a kid, and all I remember is desperately trying to find a way out of the room to pee. Funny what you remember…but enough of my childhood trauma! The reception in our office ruled. We had more food than the next three offices combined. Conclusion: District 18 knows how to party.


Boom! You just got checked by the shrimp bomb.

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