Hawaii’s International Auto Show


One of the most popular events that is held annually in Hawaii is the First Hawaiian Auto Show. For the past few years the immensely popular auto show has been held at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. This year’s auto show continues its popularity as thousands of Hawaii consumers, motorists and enthusiasts of all ages came by to see all the new cars.

The auto show is great because you can not only get up close and personal with the vehicles, but actually sit in them, “kick the tires”, check the engines and other amenities. Sales people are there to tell you about the cars, trucks and SUVs should you have a question. But unlike seeing these people directly on dealer lots, there is no high pressure. It is the best place to be for “just looking.”

I doubt that everyone who goes to the show are serious car buyers. I certainly am not one at this time. But the show is the perfect opportunity for a photo bug like me to shoot off many frames of digital photos with reckless abandon and publish them somewhere. So there they are.

One thing for sure, Hawaii’s people love their cars. We go to auto shows, visit new and used car dealers and eventually buy one (or more) for us to own and use. America was built on the success of the automobile.

Our whole society, even in Hawaii is built around the automobile. There are those politicians and planners who are trying to engineer us out of our cars by spending way too much money to build 19th century solutions (fixed rail) to fix a 21st century problem.

Why not build better roads or at least maintain the ones we have?

Studies have shown that people will not get out of their cars, even if you do build mass transit or add more busses to the roadways. The automobile is the most private and convenient form of travel. So what if we are stuck everyday in traffic? We complain but most of us will never change.

The new cars on display this weekend offer us every opportunity to sit in our cars and endure the condition of Hawaii’s crowded roadways. The incentives to stay with our vehicles are greater than ever.

Witness all of the standard features and fancy options available in many vehicles: air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, sunroofs, moonroofs, leather seats, GPS tracking systems, comfortable seats, computers, hi-tech audio and video systems, cordless and hands free cell phone systems and who knows what else. It’s all there in the new cars and frankly in most of the vehicles we already own and drive.

How does this compare to a crowded train or bus? No inividualism, only a pack mentality is offered with mass transit. The automobile is our home away from home whenever we commute. It is an extension of our personality, our individualism and our freedom to come and go as we please on our own schedule.

Mass transit cannot offer this. Hawaii will only be wasting money by succumbing to the spell of rail transit and the tremendous cost and debt it will leave all taxpayers should it be built.

No, America and Hawaii is a place that celebrates and relishes the automobile. Deal with it.

Shown above: Nissan Z car

My favorite vehicles this year:

1. Exotic Ford showcar (don’t know the name of it)
2. Lexus Convertible (can’t remember the model number of this car either!)
3. New Ford Mustang
4. Lincoln Mark LT truck
5. The Hummer

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