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Las Meninas


Ever wonder what is the last thing a Cli

Local knowledge or where da dim sum at?

SF Comedy.jpg

Back in the 80’s the S.F. Chronicle used to host a San Francisco comedy festival in the park. Big event – Robin Williams was rumored to be in town (he did about 15 minutes). We got there early to get a good picnic spot. Now being a couple of Hawai

Iolani Kicks Asymptotes…Again!

The ASSETS Mathematics Team gets ready to get Cartesian.

This was a month ago, but since some OML Alumni crawled out of the woodwork on my last math-related entry, I thought I’d give a little summary of this year’s Math Bowl.


One of the great things about living in Hawaii is the assortment of Asian things you can easily find around town. This is one of my favorite stores in Chinatown. It is my go to place for tea. I usually buy this Chinese green tea called Extra Gunpowder. When I frist bought this tea, I found the name puzzling. I could not for the life of me figure out the connection between tea and gunpowder. Finally it dawned on me that the tea in its dried form is packed into little balls. When you put them in your tea pot they literally explode into a whole tea leaf. Man, those Chinese got some imagination. I guess I wouldn’t expect anything less from the folks who invented gunpowder in the first place.

When a half hour is not enough.


I saw this sign across from the courthouse next to an ATM I use regularly. What sort decision making process led to a 36 minute parking zone? I wonder if this went to a public hearing? What sort of data was used? It seems awfully precise.

I received many speeding tickets in my younger days. Once a CHP officer pulled me over and asked me the question. “Do you know how fast you were going?” “Yes”, I said, “around 58 (in a 55 MPH zone), but you guys let it go if its within 5 MPH of the limit, right?” Sadly, no. He was awfully precise also.

Wanna buy a bridge?


As a child, I remember sleeping through alternative energy seminars that my mother (a science resource teacher at the time) would drag me to. The coolest (heh) idea was Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). French dude Jacques Arsene d

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