Live music in Waikiki.

JZ1.JPGTurns out that Zanuck Lindsey & John Valentine are both playing a gig at the Sheraton Poolside Sand Bar (not to be confused with the locals’ favorite Sand Bar… unfortunately.). The last time I saw Zanuck play was at The W & he did this acoustic jazz version of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” that was simply amazing. On top of that he let me sit in & sing Blues Traveler’s “Runaround,” & rolled beautifully with me when I screwed up, so that automatically puts him in my Top Ten Guitarists list.

And then there’s John, described by my critic friend Bin as “one of the best male vocalists in Hawaii.” I recently managed to get squeezed in for vocal lessons with John (Bin: “Lauren. Do whatever it takes to make him happy. Ok?”) & he’s been busting my balls (figuratively speaking, thanks.) but I’m learning a ton. So I definitely want to see this guy on stage.

JZ2.JPGWhen I got to the pool at the Sheraton my friends Keith & Ryan had already ordered some fufu tourist drinks with romantic-sounding names & little umbrellas. Whatever, guys. Lara & Staci ordered beers & I had a Red Bull. I was tempted to order an Island Sunset… no, I really wasn’t. Ha ha.

The first song I heard the band play was “No Such Thing” by John Mayer, & it was good. I was never crazy about that song on the radio, but for some reason I always enjoy hearing it live.

Rocky Brown showed up; she & John gig at the Hanohano Room later on Tuesday evenings. The evening went by with more silly-looking drinks & a lot of tropical-sounding songs that I’m sure are requirements for gigging at a Waikiki hotel.

We made sure to clap a little louder for “Message In A Bottle,” “Pinch Me,” & other non-Hawaiian tunes. Yeah, we suck as tourists. The band did play “Sharp Dressed Man” for me & I was gratified. Our server kept stage-whispering “Jeff Beck!” I would have liked to hear some Foo Fighters but it wasn’t going to happen in Waikiki.

So. What do tourists want to hear from a live band on a Tuesday night, anyway? Am I just jaded from living in Hawaii for so long & rejecting the cliches that come along with it? If I was on vacation in, say, Japan, & I was hanging at the bar in the hotel… would I want to listen to some live J Pop? Or… if I was at some resort in Jamaica, would I want to listen to Bob Marley covers?

Chances are I would prefer Jonatha Brooke on my iPod while soaking up the sun. It’s the same stuff I listen to when I’m not on vacation. Am I boring? Am I a crappy tourist?

Actually I just wanted to post a picture of Keith & Ryan with fufu drinks.

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  1. Audrey (unregistered) on September 17th, 2005 @ 11:01 am

    Haha, that’s a cute picture! :) Happy couple, aren’t they? lol! Anyway, I think you are a crappy tourist. I think that if you were from… say Seattle and came to Hawaii, you probably wouldn’t wear the traditional, bright pink and green and orange aloha shirts that any REAL tourist would wear. And you probably wouldn’t come here to drive really slow and clog up the streets. Haha, I’m just kidding! I love tourists! But I love you too! :)

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