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Bacon & eggs.

P4.JPG So it’s early morning, & I decided I wanted a scone. I’m not a sconologist, & I actually don’t like scones from that local scones place that won some kind of scone award. Too much butter. I like good, dry, chalky baking soda. Yeah, told you I don’t know what I’m talking about. But that’s what I like. My favorite scones are from The Patisserie.

I also hate raisins. My favorite scones are raisin scones from The Patisserie. Yeah, I know, there’s something wrong with me. I pick out the raisins, though. No, I don’t like the plain ones. Stop it.

Warning: violence.

Db2.JPG One of the many cool people I play World of Warcraft with is a big guy named Tony. He looks like that wrestler dude Stone Cold. In truth, he’s a sweet, soft-spoken fellow who still looks like he could rip your head off but whatever. Anyway, I didn’t ask his permission to tell this story but I think it’s entertaining, so… too bad. Please don’t kill me. Ha ha.

A few weeks ago one of my friends asked if I had seen Tony recently & if he was ok. When I expressed confusion I found out that Tony had gotten hit on the back of the head with a pipe by some crackhead. Yeah, it was like one of those tv shows! Anyway, after being hit on the back of his head, Tony apparently turned around, immobilized his attacker, & periodically hit him until the police came.

Now that’s a great story. Stone Cold, I salute you.

I apologize if this has offended any crackhead sympathizers.



Woof! This is the only police bloodhound on the island of Oahu. The well trained and very good looking dog is used for tracking missing people. The dog was part of a display the Honolulu Police Department put on as part of “Children & Youth Day” which happened to be on the Hawaii State Capitol grounds this past Sunday, October 2. Thousands of parents came with kids in tow for a day of education, fun, entertainment and food.


RC3.JPG RC1.JPG Work took me recently to Maui, with none other than my brother David, otherwise known as “Big D,” “D Head,” or the antichrist. No? Ok, so I made that up. Anyway, Friday was an exceptionally miserably humid day that found us tramping around, like tired, lost explorers, on the grounds of the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua. Yes, I suppose things could have been worse.

Sunrise before the storm

The sunrises have been quiet nice these last couple of days while tropical storm Kenneth blew through. This is what it looked like yesterday morning on my early morning run around Ala Moana park. The morning when by without much rain but by the afternoon it started pouring. I love it when there is thunder and lightning. I don’t think there was any major flooding although I noticed the typical runoff this type of storm produces. Parts of Pearl Harbor looked like a cappuccino. Bet it didn’t taste like one though.

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