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Shabu Shabu ’til 6am?

I heard a little rumour that Bistro Aoyama might be re-opening, under new ownership. They reportedly intend to serve shabu shabu until 6am, which I think is brilliant.

But will they get Kiku’s sauce recipes?

“Gentle as water”

There’s just something creepy about this. Gentle as water, yet kills 99.9% of bacteria. The gentle killer? A bit scary, no? I thought it was strange that people are lazy enough to use things like these nowadays, instead of good ol’ elbow grease. Sure, it may be useful in some circumstances (I can’t think of any off the top of my head) but this newest product is just too much for me.

Hawaii’s Top 10 Most Wanted

art5g.jpg I probably shouldn’t be laughing at this, but #7 in the list of Hawaii’s Most Wanted is this guy nicknamed “Popeye.” He’s supposedly fled to the Phillippines, but only after taunting the police that “U will nevarr catch me! I eats me teh spinach!”

Anyway, you can view the rest of the list here.

Robatayaki Grill Tsukuneya

My friend’s birthday was approaching fast, and we still hadn’t picked a place to eat a celebratory meal. Desperate to try something different, we picked Tsukuneya. Tsukune is ground chicken, seasoned and shaped into an egg-shaped ball on a skewer, then grilled.

For those of you that haven’t passed by UH lately, Players is no longer in existence there. Or if it’s been a really really long time since you’ve been by UH, Pizza Hut is gone. In it’s place is this very orange, very swirly looking place called Tsukuneya. It’s a Japanese restaruant serving Robata-yaki (Grilled food). To be precise, they serve Nagoya-style food. Now, I’m not a big fan of Nagoya-anything, maybe with the exception of Chanpon. But here, I was pleased to find out that most of their items were really not much different from the usual Robatayaki items you find nationwide in Japan.


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