Just before midnight, cab #15 (Crazy Brian) was transporting two guys to The Sports Page. A motorcyclist was tailgating him the entire run. As Crazy Brian was making a left turn, the biker roared past him on the right, bumping the rightside mirror, accelerating heavily.

He had less than five seconds of life left.

Witnesses said the biker was doing over 80mph as he passed Denny’s. The speed limit is 20mph.

Two seconds left.

A couple had just left Moose McGillicuddy’s, entered their vehicle and were doing a u-turn to go north on Kihei Road.

Times up.

The motorcycle impacted the left side of the car. The biker’s partially dismembered body ended up in the rear seat of the car. Some of his limbs were found scattered down the street.

The female passenger of the car jumped out with screaming hysterics. The car’s driver was knocked unconcious and the car completed a slow 360o turn and impacted the seawall next to where it had been originally parked.

By all reports, both drivers were probably over the legal limit (0.08% BA).

Drinking and Driving = Death. Plain and simple fact of life.

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