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Daiei Stores Officially Don Quijote

Don Quijote Store - Kaheka Street

Honolulu’s former Daiei Store officially reopened this past Friday as Don Quijote (DQ or “Donki”) stores after an extensive remodeling and reimaging of the Kaheka Street store was completed. Thousands of shoppers as well as the curious flocked to the former Daiei store. People came to check the new layout as well as the expanded product mix over the weekend.

From everything I read, the Friday morning Grand Opening was a crowded, busy affair. The store opened in grand style with a traditional Hawaiian blessing as well as musical entertainment that reached a climax with a concert appearance by ukelele wizard musician, Jake Shimabukuro.

Due to my work schedule, I did not venture to the new Don Quijote Store until late that afternoon. Things were still very busy long after the live entertainment ended.


Living on island creates many challenges. One is land value is expensive, so it’s ideal for real estate. The downside to this is that farms aren’t at top of the list to develop, which has created a shortage of farms.
To help change some of that my family and I are part of a group on Oahu called Community Sustained Agriculture or CSA for short.

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The CSA is great! we pay a small fee each month for a box of super tasty produce grown on farms right here on Oahu and the produce is delivered to a location near our home. The islands contain the perfect climate for 3 growing seasons a year!!

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So this past weekend we went out to the country to share and assist in “our” garden for fun. Trimming, mulching, whacking…It was a rewarding feeling. I know where my food is coming from (no e-coli spinach here!) and in the process supporting local farmers.

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If you are doing something to change for the better email me.




Well, October is here and at the end of the month one of the biggest non-holiday events in the western world occurs.


The thing I like about Halloween is that it comes with no stress. No big build-up of anticipation and subsequent let-down in disappointment.

Halloween is just Halloween and every year is as different and as fun as the years before.

The two best places, as an adult, to celebrate Halloween are Key West, Florida and Lahaina, Hawai’i..

Last year I picked up a couple from one of the hotels in Ka’anapali and took them to Front St., where all the activity is. He was dressed like an “Alley Oop” cave man. She had on a white bustier, white garter belt, white nylons, white heels, white frilly panties and a white bridal veil. The sexy, virginal bride. The entire ride to Front St. she worried aloud about how skimpy her costume was.

Almost 10 minutes of “I am so embarrassed .”

As I made the drop near Front St. the taxi-van in front of us disgourged 5 beautiful young ladies wearing only thong bikini bottoms and leis. That was their entire costume. My lady passenger saw them and in the same breathe went from “I am so embarrassed ” to “I may be overdressed.”

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