This is where I first played Pac-Man


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My family used to come to Hawaii a lot when I was younger. As such my general sense of the geography of the place tends to be fairly limited. We stayed on Maui that’s what I knew and all I knew about our location. The hotel next to the suites we would stay in had an arcade, and the arcade had Pac-Man which was always one of the more exciting things about coming here.

Now I know we stayed in Wailea, and that’s where we’re staying now. Everything around here seems to evoke some memories, more so than a place like Vancouver where I’ve spent more time. Maybe it’s because every place in Vancouver I have countless memories, and here I have one or two. The airport seems unchanged in twenty-some years. The shopping centre a few miles from where we’re staying once made up of a corner store, an ice cream place and tourist traps is now a corner store, an ice cream place and very high end tourist traps such as the Gap, Banana Republic and Tiffany’s. The airport seemed more inviting, familiar.

I haven’t been able to find the Pac-Man machine yet. The hotel is undergoing major renovations so they may have moved it, but when I do I’ll have a quarter saved.

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