An emotional night for the Dems

I voted for the democrats today. After work, I headed on down to Senator Daniel Inouye’s campaign headquarters in Dole Cannery. Inouye’s headquarters was also doubling as the local Kerry campaign headquarters. Going in, there was an enormous amount of energy in the air.


Right inside the door, I found U.S. Representative Neil Abercrombie giving an interview to the local FOX news team. Neil’s been a fixture in Congress for years, failing to win re-election only once. Tonight he secured yet another 4-year 2-year* term in the House of Representatives. He’s also shorter than me, which is kind of cool. I like to think of him as Hawaii’s congressional hobbit.

* Thanks to Scrivner for correcting me on the length of his term. It’s two years.


The food inside was actually pretty good, better than average for these kind of things, and I hit the buffet line twice. You can’t go wrong with beef stew, seriously. Shortly after, Brickwood Galuteria, State Chairman of the Hawaii Democratic Party got up to read the results of the first Hawaii printout. I like Brickwood. He’s a great speaker. One of my friends says his name reminds her of Brick Oven Pizza. For some reason, when I hear his name I think of Grape Nuts. No idea what’s going on there.


U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka kept the energy going. Daniel Akaka is frequently referred to as “the other Dan.” I like to think of him as “the surfer looking one.” While Daniel Inouye is the more famous of the two senators, Dan Akaka has been in the news lately because of S.B. 344, aka the “Akaka Bill.” The Akaka Bill, if passed would grant Native Hawaiians the same federal recognition as other indigenous people in the United States (i.e. Native Americans).


The news that Kerry lost Florida was a real downer. These three ladies in the front row were pretty shook up over it. Personally, I don’t know why they were surprised. I mean, you know, Jeb Bush. You know if Jeb runs for president in 2008, I’m going to just freak out. Oh, you so don’t know how badly I would freak out. I’d dye my hair purple! Wait. I did that already. Maybe I’ll power up and dye my entire body purple. Yeah. And then I’ll wear a furry Viking hat. With horns. Yeah.


Ok, that dude with the dreads was my favorite guy all night. I have no idea who he was, but he was the most energized guy in the crowd. He’s the kind of guy I wish would crash my parties. When the polls about Ohio came out, I don’t know what made me feel more crappy – the idea of four more years of Bush, or the look on that guy’s face. Damn you Bush! You made Fun Dreads Guy all sad.


Tired and weary, we left Inouye headquarters and headed across the street to mayoral candidate Mufi Hannemann’s party. Here he is singing “Danke Schoen” on the karaoke machine. Alright, maybe not. I didn’t vote for Mufi, but I wanted to check out what kind of food he had. Was it more elaborate? Yes. Did it beat beef stew? NoooOOOOOooo. They had won ton, but the meat filling inside was microscopic. I was scared of the manapua. I’m super not into pancit. My only regret is I didn’t see the red velvet cake they had. Oh well. Mufi’s our new mayor by the way. Junkie food aside, it was actually kind of rocking in there. Imagine 3459756 Samoans all chanting “MOO! FEE! MOO! FEE!” boom-boom-CHAHHH. It was like that. Alright, peace out.

Sorry I killed your bandwidth. Dial-ups users, you got pwn3d.

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  1. RON (unregistered) on November 3rd, 2004 @ 1:44 am

    Vewy good post. Vewy. More of this kind of personalized coverage and people will stop watching tv to get the like. One thing though, stay up for the final Mayor’s race printout, to post the results just to give your report the finishing touches. You know…till the dawn’s early light.

  2. Burt (unregistered) on November 3rd, 2004 @ 6:41 am

    Great post. I feel like Fun Dreads Guy, though. I am all sad from last night’s results, particularly the Presidential and the Mayoral race. I would love to hear the analysis on Duke’s lost. That’s another one for the books.

  3. Mitchell (unregistered) on November 3rd, 2004 @ 7:14 am

    Wonderful post. I crashed Mazie’s election-night party two years ago and it was pretty rocking, in a can-we-please-get-out-of-here kinda way. I mean, the live band actually played Electric Slide music and tried to get the attendees into it.

    By the way, Abercrombie’s term is for two years.

  4. wendell (unregistered) on November 3rd, 2004 @ 12:43 pm

    Whoops – my bad! If it makes you feel better, Mufi’s band sang “Proud to be an American.” It was painful, man, painful…

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