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iona.jpg“What do Jackson Pollock and IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre have in common?” The answer just may be found in “Paint By Number,” part of their new Salon Series of performances. Choreographed by Cheryl Flaharty and backed with free-form music by Quadraphonix, IONA dancers will animate a blank canvas with movement saturated in paint, leaving behind a record of their movement in a colorful map of lines and loops.

“Paint By Number” will be staged on the 4th floor of the King Kalakaua Plaza (Niketown) in Waikiki at 8 p.m. on Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19, 2005. Tickets are $17 in advance ($20 at the door) and can be purchased from the Hawaii Theatre Center box office or by calling 528-0506; tickets are $17 in advance and $20 at the door.

Now in its 15th year, IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre combines influences of Japanese Butoh and contemporary dance.

Pictured are Maile Baran and Chandra Miars. Photo by Carl Hefner.

Society of Seven

It’s not your imagination. Everyone in Hawaii does end up in Las Vegas. This includes the Society of Seven, one of the most famous island acts that spent more than three decades in the limelight. While there’s still a show at the Outrigger Waikiki Hotel, though, you might be surprised to learn it’s only a delightful facsimile. The original SOS has been performing in Vegas for years.

Well, if you’ve been hungering for the real deal, you can catch it this weekend at the Hawaii Theatre (tickets are $35-$45). They even added a third performance, Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Tony Ruivivar and Bert Sagum (who were there from the beginning in 1966) will be joined by falsetto singer Hoku Low (1977), impressionist Gary Bautista (1983), saxophonist Wayne Wakai (1989), keyboardist Roy Guerzo (1992) and drummer Randy Abellar (1994).

Joining them will be “Asia’s Nightingale,” Lani Misalucha. More than a few people, particularly those tuned into the Filipino music scene, will be there just to see her.

Photo from Bally’s Las Vegas.

Drug Free Awareness Rally


Over a thousand kids, kindergarten to third grade, filled the capitol today as part of an anti-drug rally. A whole bunch of agencies gathered together to make the rally happen. The lead photo doesn’t quite capture the enormity of the event – kids were still filing in when I snapped the picture. (One of the Republican senators was extremely pleased that the “reds” outnumbered the “blues.”)

Korean Fried Rice


I’ve been doing some traveling to the Marshall Islands this year and am back home for a couple of weeks. For those of you not familiar with MI, the main atoll is called Majuro and is about 20 miles long and a quarter mile wide at the widest point. Being there really makes you appreciate what you have here in Hawaii, for instance the variety of food you can find for a quick tasty lunch. So while back in Hawaii I try to make it out to lunch and relish the diversity of flavors available here. A friend of mine introduced me to this little restaurant called Elim, right across the street from Tower Records on Keeaumoku St. They made this Korean fried rice which in typical Korean fashion was made with kim chee. Kim chee is won bok cabbage that is marinated and soaked for who knows how long in hot chili sauce. The good stuff makes your scalp sweat and your ears turn red. This dish was good although it wasn’t that hot. There’s several Korean restaurants in this area. It’s a real treat to be back home.

Let’s Get Ready to Rhombus!

I suppose you could be forgiven for not knowing that the fifth 2004-2005 meet of the Oahu Mathematics League took place this morning at Mid-Pacific Institute. The local stations don’t seem to think news-viewers are as interested in mathematics competition as softball tournaments.

A view of the Students’ Lounge, half an hour before go-time.

However, if you’d dropped by, you’d have seen a beautiful sight: over two-hundred dedicated, focused high-schoolers from thirty schools puzzling over the correct approaches to the kinds of problems many people experience only in nightmares.

One Last Final Last Game

For those for whom the Superbowl wasn’t enough, tomorrow brings the NFL Pro Bowl. Aloha Stadium will host this annual showdown of all stars. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. EST, airing live on ESPN, and hopefully the clouds will have rained themselves out by then.

Today, though, was for the kids, with the traditional football camp at Kapiolani Park. Above, Jacksonville Jaguars guard Chris Naeole shares some of his moves.

More photos below the fold…


Behold The Year of the Rooster


Beautiful Darah Dung reigns as this year’s Narcisus Queen over the Chinese New Year activities. The Narcisus Queen and her court were part of last Saturday’s festivities that signaled the coming of the Chinese New Year. She along with Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann led the traditional downtown parade through Honolulu’s Chinatown district.

San Hi Fei Lo – Chinese New Year

Welcome to 4702 – according to the ancient tradition of the Chinese lunar calendar. February 9th is the official start of the Chinese new year. The new year is named in three ways: 1)Animal Mascot – This year the Wood Rooster. There are 12 animals in the calendar repeating in a 12 year cycle. 2) The Former Name – This year’s name is Yiyou. The year name is repeated once every 60 years. and finally by 3) The year 4702.

As with many ethnic festivals special foods are closely tied with tradition. Many Hawaii families will dine on sumptious Chinese fare or dim sum meals including treats like jai, gau and mooncakes. Celebrating is easy with tips from

Places: Wo Fat

Wo Fat

Originally uploaded by hawaii.

Historic WoFat restaurant in Chinatown (Hotel and Maunakea streets in downtown Honolulu). This building, opened in 1900, was one of the first built after the 1886 Chinatown fire. (The restaurant dates back to 1882.) The building has been the National Register since 1973. For all its history, it’s still a relatively casual place to pop in for a tasty lunch of dim sum.

Honolulu’s Chinatown, dating back over 120 years, is said to be one of the oldest such communities in the country.

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