Oahu Anime Explorer

A good friend of mine, Kell Komatsubara, has recently formed a new anime club called the Oahu Anime Explorer. The OAE comes a month after JASH, the Japanese Animation Society of Hawaii, shut down. The Star-Bulletin recently featured an article about the club. Check it out here.

You’d be surprised at the amount of politics that goes on inside these types of fanclubs, but Kell assures me he’s going to do his best to cut out the crap. Kell’s actually had his own fansub club working out of his house for awhile now. I’ve been there on club nights and it’s always been fun. By contrast, I went to a JASH meeting about 8 or 9 years ago and was completely weirded out by the vibe there. I never went back. Still, JASH has been around a long time, and (credit where credit is due) they were really at the leading edge at one point. So now that they’re closing down, my friend is going to try his hand at building a new anime organization supported by his close group of friends, but now open to everyone. (Yay!) From experience, I can vouch that it’s going to be fun. If anyone’s interested in going with me to the first meeting at the end of this month, send me a message. In either case, I’ll take some photos and post them here.

By the way, the meeting is at the HMC Academy on N. King Street. Some of you might recognize that it’s actually a mixed martial arts dojo. Yeah, Kell trains there sometimes, but he’s really not your average anime geek. I mean, the guy built a 2,300 horsepower car from scratch last year. He’s totally nuts, but in a good way.

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