Accio Half-Blood Prince!

hbp-me.jpgYes. I was there at nine in the evening on Friday the 15th for the festivities leading up to the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I don’t care if it’s lame. If you think it’s lame, you either haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books or you do not know what it’s like to get completely, totally, utterly, hopelessly lost in a book and in the world its author creates. Well, I majored in that in college, and so there I was.

There were tables set up for kids’ activities, including this one, but besides the Bertie Botts’ Everyflavor Beans, this table looked more like a promo booth for the new Johnny Depp movie, which happened to have opened that day. I felt ripped.

One of the cool things was the special menu at the Borders Cafe, which was mostly special drinks given Harry-themed names.

This guy didn’t do much more than borrow a friend’s Master’s regalia. I give the guy props for participating, but come on. At least put some kind of insignia on there or maybe trim the thing in Ravenclaw colors!

I think this guy was a Borders employee. As you can see, his is not an elaborate costume, but it certainly has the look and feel of a good Harry. See, this guy paid attention to a few of the details, and details make all the difference in costuming.

hbp-coolcostumeguy.jpg hbp-coolcostumeguydetail1.jpg
Now, here’s a guy who pays attention to details, right down to the footrests on the broom! I don’t know whether to admire this or laugh at it, so I’ll admire it. This guy got on the news, after all, and all I did was take pictures.

Now, here’s what I really want to talk about. I went with my friends Jenn and Grace to the release event; it was the third HP release I attended with Grace, who is the friend who turned me on to Harry in the first place. While I was hanging out there, though, I thought to myself, “I am such an idiot! Why am I coming to this thing with a platonic female friend?” I looked around me and saw all these geeky female book-fiends; it was like a little meet-and-greet of exactly the kind of gal I’m looking for, and here I was with someone. No wonder I’m such a loser! “Hey, your new Harry Potter book would look great on my night-table, don’t you think?” “Would you like to see my wand?” “I think you’ve wingardium leviosa’d my heart!”

Well. I’d never say anything like that, but, you know. I’ve got my charms, and worst-case scenario, I go home alone with my six hundred pages of Rowling, and that’s not bad. The woman wearing the Marauder’s Map t-shirt above was with someone anyway.

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