Of Stealth and Office Furniture.

Went to see an advanced screening of Stealth at Ward Theaters tonight. Without getting into it, no, I didn’t like the movie. It was just really…bad. Almost universally bad. There is a bright spot, however! I noticed that in the future, aircraft carriers come furnished with Herman Miller Aeron chairs! That’s right – Aeron chairs! I guess after a long, hard day of bombing terrorists, Navy personel can now look forward to a game of office hockey around the command deck. Well, that’s what I was thinking anyway.

Yeah, I know – I geeked out in the middle of a movie. What the hell; I’ve always wanted an Aeron. Thinking about it helped me blot out the other 95% of the movie that was utter crap. I know in Hawaii, you’re supposed to be able to buy Herman Miller from Office Pavilion in the Pan Am building on Kapiolani. I’ve never actually been there, however. A couple of years ago, I called them because I wanted to buy an Aeron. I changed my mind after the woman who answered told me she didn’t have a demo she could show me. Back then, I wasn’t about to drop $800 on a chair without being able to sit on it first. Seeing Stealth makes me want to buy an Aeron again. I wonder if it comes in flat black? (That was a stealth joke, now laugh you monkeys!)

On a side note, howcome in Hawaii, no one I know has ever heard of Aeron chairs? Is that just a mainland thing? Everyone I knew in S.F. wanted one.

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