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Kumu Kahua & pidgin

Kumu Kahua is a local theater company that is dedicated to producing plays for and about Hawaii’s people. A number of them are written in “pidgin english,” a local dialect. Until recently, works written in pidgin english were a no-no. (Mitchell’s going to have a field day with this one.) However, high profile theater companies like Kumu Kahua have played an important role in legitimizing pidgin english in the arts. Not surprisingly, I’ve been in Kumu Kahua plays before – but that was a long time ago.

Last week – ten years later – I auditioned at Kumu Kahua for Dennis Carroll’s new play, Age Sex Location. Yeah, is that title hillarious or what? Anyway, I found out a couple hours ago that I was cast. *whew* I was quite nervous because the play is written heavily in pidgin, and honestly, my pidgin sucks. Ok, I don’t sound as bad as Turtle from North Shore. Or half the people on Byrds of Paradise. Or (oh god) the “locals” on Marker. (Haha remember that? Richard Grieco sucks.) But I don’t think I ever sound completely genuine. Apparently, that’s not a problem – plus I can work on it during rehearsals. Anyway, I’m from Kauai, and everyone I know spoke a lot of pidgin. I on the other hand, wasn’t allowed to. For years the educational system in Hawaii tried to stamp out pidgin on the grounds that “speaking proper english was essential to being accepted in the professional world.” Little did anyone know that pidgin would become such a celebrated aspect of local culture; slowly permeating into art, literature and even the educational system.

Anyway, Age Sex Location is about four generations of a local family who buy a computer and slowly become alienated from each other after they start getting into chat rooms and dating services and online gambling. The script is great – it’s smartly written; both disturbing and cool at the same time. The best part is I get to play a 22 year-old. I’m 34. Yes, I almost look that young. *awesome*

World Champs


The West Oahu Little League team from Ewa Beach on the island of Oahu spent most of August on the mainland at the Little League World Series playoffs. Guess what? They won every one of their games, won the United States Little League championship and then won the International Little League World Series Championship this past Sunday, August 28. The 12 member team and their 3 coaches returned to Hawaii as local heroes this week. Congratulations!

This photo was taken in one of the hallways of the Hawaii State Capitol where someone took the liberty to post these front pages up on a bulletin board.

More details at this link.


The second annual GiRLFest! starts this weekend. GiRLFeST is a multi-media festival that strives to educate people about violence towards women through art, music and words. It’s run by a friend of mine I went to high school with. After going to it last year, I was impressed enough that this time around I became a volunteer. GiRLFeST! needs guys to be involved too, because any progress in women’s rights requires cooperation from both sexes. I never realized how sexist the world is until I mention that I’m working with GiRLFeST!; even many of my friends. I get a lot of remarks like “You working with GiRLFeST? Macking on da chicks?” It’s kind of sad, actually. I’m a guy and I have to shout louder than the women to be heard. Anyway, GiRLFeST! is going to take over downtown Honolulu starting this Saturday. There’s a lot going on, but I’ll try my best to portray the feel of the festival.

Sorry I haven’t been posting, everyone. My ancient P3-600 finally decided to die. It happened exactly when I needed it most, but at least I got the satisfaction of throwing it out of my bedroom window. No, really. It’s been on my backyard lawn for a week now and I keep laughing at it.

Oh yeah, Lauren got me started playing World of Warcraft. Dammit, I tried so hard to be strong.

A historical LLWS

Quite a number of records during yesterday’s dramatic win for the Ewa Beach Little leaguers. With a home run hit by catcher Michael Memea during the extra inning, the West Oahu baseball team won the Little League World Series title. This was the first time that a Hawaii team has captured the LLWS crown. Other interesting tidbits – Hawaii led the series for the most homers; this was the first WS championship since 1971 to have to go into extra play since 1971; pitcher Vonn Feao’s pitching speed was off the charts and quite astonishing when compared to MLB speeds…The Champions are due back tonite to Honolulu via United Airlines Flt. 939.

Dole Pineapple Maze


Last weekend, I finally got a chance to play tourist and go to the Dole Pineapple Maze. This isn’t a maze made out of pineapple plants, though. That would actually suck since you’d be able to see over everything. No, this is a maze that, when viewed from the air, is in the shape of a giant pineapple. Dole claims it’s the world’s largest hedge maze, and from walking around in there, I believe it. It’s huge.


That’s not the actual maze in the painting, so don’t bother printing it out in an attempt to score a map. Yeah, I knew what you were thinking.


I was having lunch with my co-workers in our lunchroom. A new engineer had just come on board, fresh off the plane from Fresno, & while we had picked up a bunch of Bacalao salad & pasteles from The Pastele Shop, he was eating the crappy spaghetti from a nearby plate lunch place. We had asked him if he wanted us to pick up something for him, & he had declined.

During lunch, one of the managers said, “Pasteles are kind of like tamales.”

The new guy said, “But with seaweed in them right?”

I sigh.

Did You BBS?

Did you BBS?

What’s a BBS you ask?

Not too long ago indivduals, hobbyists, some non-profit groups and businesses ran online services called a computer bulletin board service, or BBS for short. I became aware of BBS’s in the mid 1980s after I bought my first computer, a Macintosh Plus. Shortly after I bought a modem. It was a wickedly fast Emerson 2400 baud. You connected the modem to the computer and a telephone line. You then dialed into the BBS service and read and posted messages, got email, downloaded software and played online games.

Living out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, finding a local BBS was not very hard. The first 2 that I found were actually listed in the phone book. My first login was to a place called “Rat’s Nest BBS” where I found a message board, software that I could not run on my Mac, pictures and a list of about 50 to 70 other BBS’s in town.

The list was the goldmine. (PDF download)

Pastrami sandwiches.

While we’re on the subject of sandwiches…

I have had the best pastrami sandwich of my life. Better than Patisserie or Saint Germaine. Better than public school lunch enhanced by classroom-induced starvation. Ok, so maybe there aren’t a lot of places to get a pastrami sandwich in Honolulu. It cost my roommate & me 12 bucks & we split it because it was huge.

I would have taken a picture for you guys but… I was hungry.

A Taste of New York. In Kaimuki. By the Pill Box Pharmacy. It is etched forever in my mind.

I think I should go lie down now.

Philly Steak Sandwich

Philly Steak at Kaka`ako Kitchen
There are Philly steak sandwiches all over the place now. There was a time when they were a rarity around here. I used to get mine on Maui in Kihei when I used to work at the Maui Research Park. Geez, that was a long time ago. Now there’s a Philly steak place right on the corner of Bishop and Hotel in downtown Honolulu. This one shown is from Kaka`ako Kitchen in the Ward Center. Another Hawaii Metroblogger took one look at this picture and said his doctor would have a fit. The only thought that crossed my mind when I was eating it was how good it tasted.

Hawaii Metrohog

I’m beginning to feel like the Hawaii Metrohog. The person who pastes their crap all over the Hawaii Metroblog page & doesn’t give anyone else a chance to talk. Oink. Write something, you slackers.

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