Well, GiRL FeST is underway. We’re about halfway through the program. I’ve been doing all sorts of errands for the festival, from driving the artists around to sign making to photography. Add that with my rehearsal schedule and I’ve been averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep per night. That was great when I was in my 20’s, but at 34 that’s pretty tiring. Anyway, here’s the lowdown on my favorites of the events so far.


Jennifer Johns. She totally brought the house down. We had her at Next Door, a bar/club on Hotel street in downtown Honolulu. The venue was hot, but it sounded great. She had incredible energy, and she would have kept singing if it wasn’t for the fact that the venue had to close. To Next Door’s credit, they stayed open an extra half-hour so that Johns could keep playing. I wish I got better pictures, but I had to fight for position and I kept getting jostled.


Ishle Park. Wow. I am so in love, big time fanboy style. I knew she was good from her performances on Def Poetry Jam, but I didn’t know she was this good. There were a number of great poets in GiRLFeST, but Ishle is the one that really blew me away. She looks great, and sounded great – and who knew she could sing? Mad talented. Her performance was taped by Olelo as part of the sex trafficking panel. I have no idea when it’s going to be broadcast, but when I find out, I’m taping it. Maybe I’ll get to see the back of my head as I moved around the stage for photos.


Anyway, tonight the Devil Cats play at the Wave along with the BarbarellaTones. I gave the Devil Cats a ride from the airport, and they were cool as hell. The ‘Cats started out as a fake band. I don’t want to really get into it, but it was a sort of joke/scam to get into clubs and such. Then, a couple years later, they actually learned to play instruments. Well, kinda. One of the members admitted that they only know 9 songs, and have played the same 9 songs for two years – with tape on her guitar to show her where her fingers go. That’s so incredibly awesome. Their story became a movie, which I have heard described as “Spinal Tap meets the Runaways.” I haven’t had time to see the movie myself, what with all the work I’ve been having to do. Plan to though. It’s tomorrow at 8 pm.

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