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I just got my Motor Vehicle Registration renewal, & my address says “P O BPX.”

Now, several years ago I never received my registration renewal because it had gone to apartment 303 instead of 803, & I thought that might be because when I filled out my address someone had read my “8” as a “3.” It caused me a lot of grief but, hey— the guys at Karaoke Hut made the same mistake & so now I write my 8s with extra care.

However, my Os never look even remotely like Ps. It’s probably a typo. Someone missed the O on the keyboard.

Maybe I should get a job with these guys.

Age Sex Location opened last night

I’m completely exhausted. I’m proud of what we’ve done though. I saw the critics for the two major newspapers in the audience. I think people are either going to love the play or hate it. Either way is fine by me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos last night. I’ll try and get some today.

The Kumu Kahua theater is actually a renovated post office in a historical building. I think it’s hillarious how the windows they used to use for sending mail is now a box office. It’s like the building was made to be a theater. The space is smaller than the old venue, Tenney theater, but much more flexible in terms of seating and lighting. It’s a good place to see a play, I think. I’m going to miss most of the Halloween festivities this year because I have shows to do, but that’s ok. We give litlle old ladies heart attacks from watching our show every night anyway. haha.

Cara didn’t even really like the sandwich.

Starbucks1.JPGI went to Starbucks (Airport Trade Center) to get a Turkey Pesto sandwich for Cara.

Awwww come on – another airport nutcase.

Some 26 year-old dude crashed his car into the Inter-Island baggage claim area of the airport today. No one knows what that guy was thinking, but it wasn’t an accident – he was driving around inside the building. This is what, the third time this has happened in a year? I think someone went into the baggae claim on Maui and tried to set it on fire or something. When did airports suddenly become the new “in” place to get arrested in? It’s just weird.

In other news, the movie I’ve been pining to see, Mirrormask, is finally playing in Honolulu! For two nights only…as part of the Hawaii International Film Festival…during my performance nights. Crud. I love my upcoming play and all, but geez – the timing. =( Anyway, the preview night for Age/Sex/Location is this coming wednesday. (That’s when we invite the critics – eek.) I swore I wouldn’t read any of the show reviews until the run was over, but for anyone interested, it’ll be in the papers by the weekend.

The loss of wisdom.

W1.JPGAt the age of 34 I decided to get my wisdom teeth removed. I had been thinking about it for 10 years & had finally come to a decision. Come on, I’m a Taurus.

I’ve been putting off writing about my experience simply because… I was waiting for it to end. The Wisdom Extraction Experience still hasn’t ended, & I’m not sure if it will ever end. But I’m going back to work tomorrow & so here you are.

My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon whose office is in the Ala Moana Building. This is the building that shares a parking lot with Ala Moana Shopping Center. It’s a very nice building with a great view. Upon meeting with the surgeon, I agreed to pay $100 out of pocket so I could get laughing gas. Hell yeah.

I’ve only ever had to have work in my mouth done once before — I got a cavity some time in… well, like a hundred years ago. I was in the care of my current dentist’s father at the time, & although I loved the guy he sure didn’t have a way with needles. That injection of local sucked.

I went to the zoo.

Z03.JPGI recently achieved a temporary balance between my Dry Socket pain & the nauseating effects of Vicodin to meet my girlfriend Krissy at the Honolulu Zoo for an hour or so. I was lucky enough to visit the zoo twice in the last year & it’s still fun. I also haven’t lost as much weight as I thought wisdom tooth extraction would cause me to, so a little walking couldn’t hurt. Not any more than the entire right side of my face, anyway.

The Splendor of Color


God has been very nice to us these past weekend afternoons. The presentation of these beautiful sunsets took place over the course of the week as I was lucky enough to catch them at both Ala Moana Beach Park and at the waterfront park in Kakaako. One of the nice things about living in Hawaii are the opportunities to capture nature’s beauty, even in an urban setting such as Honolulu. The next time you have a few minutes to spare, catch a sunset in Hawaii. You’ll be rewarded with a sky full of color.

Smashed Against the Rocks


This 60 year old fishing boat ran out of power on its way back to the Kewalo Basin port and drifted into shallow waters before it hit the wall and got stuck here in front of the Kakaako Waterfront shoreline. The incident happened early Sunday morning and the boat as at the mercy of the waves before the owner gave permission to have a salavage firm dismantle it.

The stricken vessel attracted a gaggle of onlookers and media folk late yesterday afternoon as salvage operations were well under way. It was noted that the captain of the vessel, was rehired by another fishing boat firm from the Big Island a few days after this incident. This wreck was the 2nd to occur under his watch according to news reports.

More photos at this link.


waikele_kid.jpg A lot of my friends on the mainland say that Hawaii doesn’t get hot compared to where they live. They obviously haven’t been here when it’s been ultra-humid like this past weekend. My car doesn’t have air conditioning, so me and heat are like brothers. Anyway, I went to Waikele yesterday and actually saw that one of the food vendors had actually moved their stash of candy inside their chilled case, displacing a row of sandwiches. For some reason, that made me feel even hotter.

Anyway, I’ve been busy with rehearsals lately – I’m a bad, baaaaad blogger. All is not lost, however. “Age/Sex/Location ” opens in 2 weeks. I really can’t wait – although my dad said he’d come and watch the show. The play is a little…adult. I hope he doesn’t freak out. Bah – everyone, come see me when the play opens. Cool.

God Bless Kahala Shell.

G04.JPGGas prices suck. In fact, they swallow. I’ve begun to feel a low, rumbling hatred for gas stations because I feel like I’m getting raped every time I have to fill gas, & I think service stations are run by a bunch of greedy bastards. Well, at the very least, they are run by a bunch of bastards who are making a lot more money than me. And ok, I admit that I have no proof that any of them are actually bastards. But I imagine they are.

My sister was driving me home after dinner tonight (my first attempt at real food since getting my wisdoms out on Friday… but that is a different blog.) & I suggested the Kahala Shell, which has consistently been 5 cents cheaper than Chevron, & these days, every penny counts. Besides, given a choice I’d prefer to pay the guy who’s gouging me less.

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