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I love the H-3.

Wow, cool — a speed limit sign that’s only 20 miles off from what everyone is actually doing. Doesn’t this put me in a different speeding ticket bracket?

Pets & Plants

While walking around Waimalu Shopping Center, I ended up in a pet store called Pets & Plants. While they had nothing really to suggest about my aquarium woes, they sure had a friendly kitten. Sorry, I just wanted to post the picture.

Olive Garden? Applebees?

Sometimes it’s maddening to be hungry and watching TV in Hawaii. We get commercials for places like Ollive Garden and Applebees – but neither of those restaurants exist here. I have no idea if either of those places are good. Or even good for you. Everyone tells me I’m not missing anything, but whatever. It still sucks.

More aquatic excitement.

Worm4.JPGWorm1.JPGWorm6.JPGWhat the hell is this thing??? And how did it get into my tank??? This worm is just— gross. And I don’t know what was going through my mind when I decided to put it on my hand (well, actually I was thinking that I needed some better shots of it. But nevermind!) because after 3 washes with hand soap, a 5 minute soak/scrub in Benzalkonium Chloride (hey, it was all I had.), & a frenzied slathering of Bath & Bodyworks Mango Mandarin antibacterial gel… my finger still stunk. Like the green-haired Irene, I had… stinkfinger.

Victimizing Japanese girls.

Wow, I just heard this crazy story from my friend who knows guys who meet Japanese tourist girls (the slang is “bobes,” short for the disrespectful term “bobora.”), charm them, sleep with them, & then disappear with their cash. He says these guys consider it a living, easy money. Pretty disgusting.

I suggested we open a locator business catering to these guys’ victims. Yeah, if I were a comic book character I’d never be one of the good guys.

Don’t forget to to take The Survey, guys. =)

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Mahalo nui,

Parks are no substitute.

kakaako_beach_park.jpg I don’t really take advantage of our parks. I don’t really know why being that I get sick of concrete so easily. You would think that I’d like to spend a few moments here and there sitting in the grass, but I don’t. I grew up in a pretty rural area on Kauai, and I miss that sort of living. I liked the distance from your neighbors, and the quiet. Sure, it might seem a little boring, but the internet makes your entire world seem larger. It’s about staying connected when you want to. Lately I’ve contemplated moving back to the outer-islands. I think I could maybe be happy there, but realistically, there’s not a lot of jobs to look forward to if you’re not on Oahu. At least anything I’m interested in. Maybe it’s time to take a trip somewhere quiet. I guess for that, parks really are a poor substitute.


H2.JPGH1.JPGI don’t know where the hell I am driving sometimes. I’ve lived in Hawaii for 28 years & been driving for 16. I have discovered more places while driving around lost than I have found the places I was originally driving to. On this day, I had actually found a destination in Mililani that I had intended to visit, & then needed to travel on to Waianae. Go ahead, consult a map of O’ahu. Yeah, yeah – Waianae is not even remotely in the same direction as Haleiwa. I know.

A little consolation.

The sky looked like this on the way to work this morning.
10-31a.JPG 10-31.JPG

Mr. Ham!


My old art teacher from high school, John Hamblin, is having an art show at Mark’s Garage! It’s titled “Tales of Radiance.” The show opens tonight, so I’m going to run down there before I have to be at the theater. I’m really impressed by this particular show. He just gets better and better. He also has these wood block prints that are really great to look at. Anyway, if anyone’s downtown, some check it out. Tonight’s the First Friday gallery walk anyway. Woot!

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