WiFi at Honolulu Airport


Yesterday I spent nearly 2 hours at the Hawaiian Airlines interisland terminal awaiting my flight to Hilo. One of my carry-ons was my trusty old Macintosh iBook laptop. I knew Honolulu airport had wireless internet, for a price of course. Regardless I fired up my web browser and the airport software. Did some rudimentary (unsucessful, no-connect) searching before I hit upon ShakaNet’s service, which is the commercial vendor for the airport.

The wireless internet at the airport allows you to view ShakaNet’s website for free where you are presented with a number of plans you could buy for wireless internet. They have several wifi hotspots throughtout Honolulu. The cheapest plan I saw was about $4.50 for 2 hours use. Probably not too bad if you have something urgent you have to do online while awaiting your flight. For me I opted not to and was just contented enough to look at Shaka’s website while I waited for another hour.

The vendor also has some terminals you can use for a fee, which I last heard was at 15 cents a minute. Quite steep if you ask me.

My Macintosh also detected a Hawaiian Airlines wifi network within the terminal. I tried connecting to that, but of course you need a password and userID for that. Needless to say this is probably an internal network for the airline.

If you have experiences using Honolulu airport’s wifi or wifi at any other Hawaii state or mainland airport, by all means tell us about it.

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