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Big sushi, small sushi

At Tokkuri Tei the other night…

I thought about complaining because I felt this guy was getting preferential treatment:

But then I saw how the rest of his order came out (click on the images to enlarge!):
IMG_0264.JPG IMG_0265.JPG

I guess Kazu, the sushi guy, was feeling a little mischievous that night. Don’t ask me where Tokkuri Tei is; I won’t tell you. It’s too crowded there as it is. Not enough room. Look how small they have to make the sushi.

Rainy downtown

More rainAfter so much rain I had to put up a picture of our wet city. I understand we have had more rain in the last month than places like Seattle. The photo is from my office overlooking Bishop Street. I don’t usually bust out the umbrella but it has become standard urban gear for Honolulu. According to the weather people the rain is supposed to continue into the weekend. Right now it’s not raining but just the thought of another wet weekend is not too appealing. It’s not too bad when you are stuck in the office but it’s a bummer when it happens all weekend long.

Botanical Bathrooms

I’m now wondering if there’s any place in Hawai’i that would have these
Seems fitting, no?
I know, it’s a strange post. I was looking for a photo of a flower when it came up in Google. And with my A.D.D.-ness I ended up checking out the rest of the site and for a short while, forgot why I ended up there and what I was looking for in the first place.

The Red Wiggler.

01-27%20wiggler.JPGI’m going to cry. What the hell is this thing now? I found a bunch of them at the bottom of one of my buckets in which I have quarantined my water lilies. It swims like a mosquito wiggler. If you hold one end & pull the other, the whole exoskeleton slides off & it bleeds red stuff. I know, gross. Sorry. Why does it have those pincer-looking things on the end?

I fed them to my guppies I don’t care about that much & they liked them, & so I fed more to my puffers, who liked them.

Now I am trying to figure out how to grow some more. But… what are they, anyway? I’ve never seen red mosquito wigglers.

Rainy days bring…fungi.

With all this heavy rain, I knew I should expect to see some fungi sprouting here and there in the yard but I’ve never seen this type before. Usually they’re much “thinner” and not as pretty. More like the ones you see growing on dead trees. These were a pleasant surprise (I know, it doesn’t take much to impress me). Wish I could eat them so they don’t go to waste, ha!

Drinking Story 1: The Money Game.

Beeraddict.gifIt has been brought to my attention that due to my profession I have access to much entertaining or at least interesting anecdotal material. I don’t know if stories of drunks or bar action in other states vary much; feel free to share. =)

Recently one of my good friends & occasional customers (not right now, though, since he is taking a probably much-needed break from alcohol.) shared with me a little game that he plays which I feel is advanced.

Deven, as I will call him, comes home drunk & probably in a good mood. He hides money around his apartment & leaves notes for himself.

In the morning, hungover & unable to remember many events from the night before, he awakens & finds a note:

“I hid $50 somewhere in the apartment. Deven.”

And then he gets up to search his apartment for prizes.

He says that once he found $250.

Pimpbot’s 5th Anniversary at the Wave

Ok, I wrote a whole ton of stuff about what happened last night at the Wave. But I accidentally hit some button here and some how managed to not only open a new window, but delete my entire entry that I was working on. And now I’m just too tired from typing to retype it. Look at the photos, and I’m sure you can figure out how the night went along. Posting the pics in chronological order. Linus the band, Missing Dave, then Pimpbot. Many shots of SoCo and Jager, strange contests, fun-lovin’ fans…all made for a great party.

Pimpbot’s 5th Anniversary Event

Who cares if it’s raining cats n’ dogs? I’ll be here:

Heineken presents…PIMPBOT’s 5th Anniversary Party
with special guests…
Missing Dave

March, 10 2006 at Wave Waikiki
1877 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Cost: 21+ welcome; $7; $2 off if you wear a neck tie!!!

Most Rad Neck Tie Contest!!!
Prizes by Buti Groove

Hosted by C Child & Whiskey Dick

You should, too.
If you haven’t checked out Pimpbot’s cover of “Careless Whisper”, ya ought to. It’s good.
*mental note: must remember to bring camera*

Lizard rescue.

1.JPGMy girlfriend Taryn got a kick out of the “chameleon” story I told her when she was here for the holidays: while staring into the water around my lilies, I saw something white & found it to be a little green striped anole, completely submerged under the water but holding on for dear life to a stem, eyes shut tight & pale from the cold. Based on territories & because it looks like him, I would guess it was “Eddie,” pictured at the bottom of my old anoles blog.

I had dipped my hand in the water to lift Eddie out, who immediately had a deathgrip on my hand, & remained firmly attached for a good 15 minutes, looking at me sideways, before he finally let go & went back to his aloe plant. At the time my camera was inside the house & I didn’t get any pictures.

U2 Concert Postponed

Via, the official band site:

Vertigo ’06: Final Dates Postponed.

It is with great regret that tour promoter The Next Adventure announces the postponement of the final ten dates of U2’s Vertigo ’06 tour. This action is unavoidable due to the illness of an immediate family member of one of the band. The effected dates are listed below.

‘Any fan of U2 will realise that this decision has not been taken lightly’, said TNA President Arthur Fogel. ‘We will announce further details as soon as we have them.’

The effected shows, which are all sold out, are: March 17th & 18th, Ericcson Stadium AUCKLAND; 21st, Queensland Sports & Athletics Centre BRISBANE; 24TH & 25TH, Telstra Dome, MELBOURNE; 28th, AAMI Stadium ADELAIDE; 31st & 1st April, Telstra Stadium, SYDNEY; 4th, Nissan Stadium YOKOHAMA; 8th Aloha Stadium, HONOLULU.

We’ll bring you more news on U2.Com as we get it.

My boss just talked to his friend who was hired to set up the stage and lights…yes, it is definitely postponed.
Bummer, but I wish the band well as they go through this.

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