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Not enough coffee.


The end.


I once waited on Kirk Hammett. Before I tell you what it was like to wait on someone from the band who inspired me to go out & buy an electric 6-string when I was 20 years old (“Fade To Black,” bebe.), there’s a little pre-story some might find enjoyable.

Once upon a time, in a little bar owned by a couple (now divorced) who loved rock music, there was a customer who I will call Jake, just for the hell of it. Now, Jake was thought to be a little odd by many if not most regulars in the bar, although he wasn’t a bad guy or anything. First, once he had cornered someone to talk to, he would talk incessantly. Non-stop. I mean, the guy really knew how to ramble (Jimmy Page to be mentioned later in this story). This initially scared a few people & I do recall someone hiding in the restroom to escape Jake’s endless chat.

At my house too.

IMG_0323.JPGI blame my dad for washing his car.

On Friday I woke up & answered a phone call from Staci. We chatted about work, Tuesday’s gig, & the weather. I looked out the window & saw items from my back porch floating by the fence. I excused myself from the phone.

At right is part of the back porch. The potted aloe plant is sitting on top of some hollow tile, which is sitting next to a 25 gallon tank which used to hold water lilies but recently only had some fish, & now only has my faithful plecostomus. Sitting next to the 25-gallon are my 2 brine shrimp buckets, one of which was doing well. The reason why you don’t see these things is because they are completely submerged. When I stepped onto the porch, the water was up to my knees.

Water, water everywhere

Yesterday we had the worst flooding in Honolulu in 20 years. I’ve been seeing pictures of flooding from across the island on the web, on TV and in the newspapers. What I didn’t expect was to walk downstairs this morning to find out there had been a mudslide into my garage. This must have happened yesterday, but when I came home from work last night I walked right by it and didn’t notice it. (I park in the driveway.) I live in a split-level home, and small bits of mud has been creeping into my garage from a seam in the wall for the last 2 weeks, but this time there was a 5″ cake of mud covering the entire floor. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but I just got done shoveling only half of it and I had to take a break. I wish I had pictures, but my camera battery is dead. The rain is starting to get ridiculous now – we’ve had 6 weeks of it pretty much non-stop. On a lighter note, one of the multiplex theaters flooded yesterday, and kid watching Ice Age got to experience the greatest special effect ever.

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