At my house too.

IMG_0323.JPGI blame my dad for washing his car.

On Friday I woke up & answered a phone call from Staci. We chatted about work, Tuesday’s gig, & the weather. I looked out the window & saw items from my back porch floating by the fence. I excused myself from the phone.

At right is part of the back porch. The potted aloe plant is sitting on top of some hollow tile, which is sitting next to a 25 gallon tank which used to hold water lilies but recently only had some fish, & now only has my faithful plecostomus. Sitting next to the 25-gallon are my 2 brine shrimp buckets, one of which was doing well. The reason why you don’t see these things is because they are completely submerged. When I stepped onto the porch, the water was up to my knees.

IMG_0324.JPGAt left here is part of the backyard; as I stood contemplating the flood & thinking about how the stray cat likes to use the bathroom under our house, it also occurred to me that this would have been prime weather for planting a Salix Babylonica. I had grown a slip before & planted it in the yard, but it suddenly completely died. I suspect foul play from the neighbor.

I managed to catch 2 of my fish “buckets;” I had made makeshift male & female guppy dorms because they were driving me nuts with babies & had to be separated. Being plastic, the dorms were attempting to float away, the water finally having lifted them off their stands. Can fish get seasick? If they can, my guppies probably were.

IMG_0325.JPGA couple inches more & my bottom 10-gallon would have been toast. Due to the low visibility (yes, that was a pun!) of that tank, I had kept it mostly empty, but it still would have been a bitch to clean out.

The skull ornament in the middle tank is a gift from my parents. I had just wanted to give the fish an alternative to the driftwood as far as places to hang out. I thought the skull was somewhat morbid (imagine that), but what would be really cool would be a half-rotted skeleton with a concrete block tied to its feet or something. Somehow the pirate skeletons, mermaids, & treasure chests just don’t do it for me. It’s amazing how short the list of commercial aquarium ornament topics is.

IMG_0328.JPGThe street outside was similarly flooded, although not as bad as my back porch. A couple of stalled cars decorated the roadway. A little down the street were some crazy-looking rapids; whoever thought I’d see whitewater on my street? My neighbors across the street were out on their (visible) driveway with their video camera; I suppose it was an event worth filming. Mr. Kettle, phone call from Mr. Pot…

The rain continued, but the water level began going down shortly after I went outside. For the first time in my life I breathed a sigh of relief at the cessation of rainwater. I actually hoped the rain was really going away, & not coming back to continue washing my fish out into the mud.

I’m a Taurus. Property damage freaks me out.

IMG_0333.JPGIMG_0330.JPGI finally gave up wading through the back porch when I caught a young centipede swimming toward me like I was dry land. I scooped it up with a container & tossed it out into the yard. I think centipedes are aesthetic, but I hear they have nasty bites.

I did rescue a skink from the overfilled 25-gallon this morning. My mom thinks that word has spread in the local lizard population that there is a lifeguard at my house. This skink was probably the tamest yet; he strutted all over my hand & didn’t see the point in being let off on the warm hollow tile. I imagine he was winning a bet with his friends. Skinks have a completely different texture from anoles; it was very odd.

But thank God the sun came back out. Man, does clean-up suck. On the bright side, there’s a thick layer of very nice-looking topsoil all over the driveway & garage floor. I guess I don’t have to steal any from the construction area outside of Queens. Just joking, Mike.

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