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One of the websites that I publish is the Hawaii Radio & Television Guide. It is a site that has been on the internet for more than 10 years now and is mainly a listings and links site to various radio and TV stations throughout Hawaii. I also offer news link headlines and an archive section.

After a long period of inactivity and maybe even negligence, I finally got around to bringing some of the news items up to date. I’ll probably start posting these news items from time to time here at Hawaii Metroblog too.

Here is the latest with links going to their news sources, websites and our message board.

  • PAUL UDELL LEAVES KITV CHANNEL 4: In what appears to be a bombshell announcement, Paul Udell veteran news anchor and reporter for Honolulu ABC affiliate KITV announced his resignation and retirement from the station effective at the end of his vacation period. More details: StarBulletin.com | Discussion Topic
  • FORMER ISLAND DJ FOUND DEAD: Steven B. Williams, a former island disc jockey and voice talent was recently found dead in the waters off a California Beach last month. Police detectives have ruled his cause of death to be a murder. Details on the killing are still under investigation with no suspect found. Williams was 59. While in Hawaii he was on radio stations KKUA, KIKI, KAHU, KULA, KQMQ and KDEO. More Details at the following links: Denver Post | StarBulletin.com | Discussion Topic

  • STATION OWNERS MAKE SWAP: Owners of radio stations KORL 690 and KHCM 1180 will be swapping frequencies this summer but retaining call letters and formats. Salem Communications Corp and Hochman-McCann Hawaii Inc. have agreed to the deal to a price of $1 million. The agreement is pending FCC approval. More details: StarBulletin.com | Discussion Topic
  • LOW POWER AM FROM UH HILO: The University of Hawaii has its first radio station. Low power AM radio station URH (UHH Radio) at 1640 on the AM dial started broadcasting this spring. The non-profit radio station features a format of free form music similar to what is offered at KTUH at the UH Manoa Campus. The volunteer disc jockeys pick the music. A station spokesperson said that they aim to go to 3KW like their UH Manoa counterpart in the future. The station is also streaming their content at their website: http://radio.uhh.hawaii.edu/#
  • KONI, KORL, KITH and KTOH LINKED: A common URL to HHawaiiMedia radio station websites KONI FM, KORL AM, KITH and KTOH FM was recently brought to my attention. These sites can now be viewed from http://www.hhawaiimedia.net/, which serves as a common gateway to information on each radio station. There are also teaser announcements for a new Maui FM station at 92.5 and a new Oahu AM at 1130.
  • NEWS DIRECTOR AT KGMB TV: Chris Archer has become a discussion topic on our message board after he was named as the news director for KGMB TV Channel 9. He succeeded Tauna Lange who left the station in March. Newslink | Discussion Topic
  • HDTV OWNERS DISAPPOINTED AT LACK OF AVAILABILITY: They have the technology. Most of the major network TV channels are already broadcasting a HDTV signal. But the cable company is not carrying any HDTV of our local channels except for KITV 4. More details: StarBulletin.com | Honolulu Advertiser | Discussion Topic

    The discussion topic links happen at our message board affiliate, HawaiiThreads.com.

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