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That is my opening question with tourists, in my cab. Over the years I have logged this info on a world map, with pins on corkboard, above my desk.


That is one of the benefits of driving cab on Mau’i. We are definately an international vacation destination.

It is fun listening to my fares speak in their native language or all the world variations of english.

Here are some more breakouts of where my visitors have come from:

No Cabins on Ka Iwi

No Cabins on Ka Iwi

Opposition to QRM development proposal across the Ka Iwi shoreline in East Honolulu remains high. Yesterday several dozen people who oppose the development of 180 cabins and a commercial recreation resort on preservation zoned land rallied at Honolulu Hale to voice their opposition to the proposed project. This latest rally is the continuation of several public gatherings in which people don’t support development.

While I don’t live in the Hawaii Kai area, I too am opposed to this development proposal. The land out there is quite dry, rocky and arid… did I say dry? There is also no infrastructure to support such a development, though I have heard that the developer would put in their own infrastructure.

Still the place is one of the last pieces of open space on East Oahu. It is also a flashpoint for previous, and successful protests against development. Anyone remember the “Save Sandy Beach” effort in the 1980s? That became a successful campaign in halting the development of high end, near beachfront homes across from the popular body surfing spot. As I recall the issue was put on the ballot and people ended up voting against the development.

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On an earlier video, I showed you the low road into Wailea. Well, here is the high road approach.

The video starts at the intersection of Keonekai street and the Pi’ilani Highway (SR-31) and ends at the intersection of Wailea Iki and Wailea Alanui drive. Taken during the predawn hours at the end of my shift. If you listen closely, you’ll even hear my voice.

This is the last of my video collection. I hope you have enjoyed my very amateur efforts.


My Favorite Honolulu Neon Sign

Like Like Drive-In Sign

There are a lot of pictures to capture in the night around Honolulu. One of my favorite recent night shots is that of this sign marking the landmark eatery “Like Like Drive-Inn.” They sell a lot of saimin here as well as a wide variety of other coffee house style meals. My favorite is fried rice and hamburger patty….

The restaurant is located on the corner of Keaumoku & Kanunu Street across from the WalMart store in Honolulu. For those living outside Hawaii, you pronounce “Like Like” like this: “Leaky Leaky”.

Image shot with Canon Digital Rebel 300D SLR.



Every Wednesday, The Shops At Wailea have live entertainment. Recently I had stopped by the ABC Store and heard music coming from the lower level. While the lighting is poor and it is a very short video, you can see that everyone was enjoying themselves.


Snorkeling at Molokini? Want to catch that trophy size Marlin? How about a nice evening dinner cruise?

If those are your desire, then the odds are you’ll be taking a trip out of Ma’alaea Harbor. While not the only small boat marina on Mau’i, it is the busiest.

Here is a video I made earlier this year, in the early dawn light. It is dark but if you click the youTube logo in the lower right corner, you’ll be transported to the base site where you can select the full-screen option.

Have a great “Aloha Friday” everybody.


That is the main reason for people to come to south Mau’i.

Thusly, the majority of people aren’t here to party until the “wee” hours of the morning. For those that want to do some dancing and drinking, there are a limited number of bars. Hotel guests, in Wailea, are surprised to find that all the major hotels close their bars at 11:00pm. If they want to continue drinking, they have to go “off-campus”..

Mau’i County has some archaic liquor laws. Package sales of alcohol stop at 11:00pm. Bar close is at 2:00am and don’t forget your ID. To buy any alcohol on Mau’i you must present a valid, government issued, ID, regardless of your age. You may be 97 years old and look 120 years old but without a valid ID you will not be served by the package or by the drink. Be forewarned.

On all of the following images, click the pic to see the interior of the bar

The closest bar to the hotels is called “Mulligans” and is at the 19th puka on the Wailea “Blue” Golf Course. It is Mau’i’s version of an Irish Pub. They have opened a second location, this summer, on Front street, in Lahaina town.






Today’s Ala Moana Sunset

Today's Ala Moana Sunset

I shot this sunset late this afternoon at Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Daiei, Don Quijote

Daiei Tonight

One of my favorite stores in Honolulu that I have been shopping at has been Daiei. I have shopped for groceries and other items there for more than 20 years. Old timers will remember Daiei as the old Holiday Mart Store. Both incarnations were good. The store has offered a wide variety of grocery items as well as exotic Asian foods and merchandise.

With its new owner taking the reigns, things are beginning to change. The Kaheka store is being re-arranged with several departments moving to different locations within the store. New, higher shelving is being installed, and the aisles are getting narrower. From what I have read before, the high shelving and narrow aisles are characteristics that typify Don Quijote’s stores in Japan. The product mix is supposed to be varied too. Haven’t seen that happen so far.

Whatever they do with the store, I can only hope that they continue with the mix of grocery items, Asian foods and in-house take out food operations.

The photo above shows the Kaheka store with the current Daiei signage.

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