I drive a cab on Mau’i.


I work the “southside” of the island. Basically Wailea and Kihei.

My “day” starts at 7:00pm, as the sun sets.


And ends around sunrise.


Some mornings, the end of the shift is very relaxing

The majority of my shift involves taking people to the airport in Kahului. To dinner at any of the great restaurants on the island and then hauling drunks from one bar to another. Finally taking them back to their abodes, at bar close.

Overall, Mau’i is a pretty safe place to be a cabbie. It does have it moments though. I have had a passenger shoot at my head, with a firearm, from the rear seat. The only reason he missed (by about 4 inches) was that he was so drunk that he was seeing double and chose the wrong target. Why did he do it? Because he was Hawai’ian and I wasn’t and he wanted to kill a haole. I was just a random target of opportunity. Racism at the most extreme.

On another occassion, one drunk got so mad about his girlfriend leaving him at a local club, that he stole another persons vehicle and rammed my cab, in the driver’s door, at about 30mph.

But there are funny stories, also.

Picked up a group of tourists from one of the luaus in Wailea. They were all thrilled, especially the males. Seems that during that part of the show where the young ladies are performing the hula, Tahitian style, that one of the girls had a “wardrobe malfunction”. The connector between the two coconut shells had broken. Have to give this kid credit. She followed the stage adage that “the show must go on”. She didn’t miss one hip movement. Just reached up and pulled a pin from her hair and let the flowing ebony tresses cascade over her torso. Now that is “classy”.

This ISN’T that girl. Just using the image so those who have never seen their costume can get an idea of what I am referring to.


Have a great day and remember

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