That is the main reason for people to come to south Mau’i.

Thusly, the majority of people aren’t here to party until the “wee” hours of the morning. For those that want to do some dancing and drinking, there are a limited number of bars. Hotel guests, in Wailea, are surprised to find that all the major hotels close their bars at 11:00pm. If they want to continue drinking, they have to go “off-campus”..

Mau’i County has some archaic liquor laws. Package sales of alcohol stop at 11:00pm. Bar close is at 2:00am and don’t forget your ID. To buy any alcohol on Mau’i you must present a valid, government issued, ID, regardless of your age. You may be 97 years old and look 120 years old but without a valid ID you will not be served by the package or by the drink. Be forewarned.

On all of the following images, click the pic to see the interior of the bar

The closest bar to the hotels is called “Mulligans” and is at the 19th puka on the Wailea “Blue” Golf Course. It is Mau’i’s version of an Irish Pub. They have opened a second location, this summer, on Front street, in Lahaina town.

If you go from Wailea into Kihei, the first bar you come to is The Sports Page. Televison sets everywhere. Even has one of those old-style 15-foot sat-dishes on the roof. Four pool tables. Usually has live entertainment in the evening. Dance floor.

About a mile north of “The Page” you arrive at Kihei Kalama Village. Affectionately referred to as “The Bar-Muda Triangle” or just “The Triangle” for short.


Within 200 yards of each other are the 4 most popular bars in Kihei.

Draw a line from LAB to Kahale’s to Lulu’s and then back to LAB and you form “The Triangle”.


Life’s A Beach (aka: LAB)
This is our version of a sawdust floored Texas style bar. The floors usually have sand on them instead of sawdust and the entertainment is always live. Dance fllor in front of the stage. A couple of pool tables. Halfway decent Mexican food.

Longest “Happy hour” in Kihei. Live entertainment until 10:00pm. Small dance floor. Serves a limited amount of pupus.

Southside Tiki Lounge
Nice lanai out back for dancing. Music is by a local DJ and prerecorded. Really good pizza.

The smallest of all the bars in “The Triangle” but also one of the most popular. Sometimes the music is live and sometimes its “Memorex”. Rumor is that two very popular ladies in south Mau’i are going to buy it and make some major changes.

Another mile north are two more fun bars.
Our “bikers” bar and probably the safest bar on the island. Live music nightly and a decent sized dance floor. Couple of pool tables. Closes at 12:30am. Located in Lipoa Center

The “class act” of bars in Kihei. Live entertainment and usually is jazz and easy listening. It is also a restaurant in the early evening. Located in Azeka-Mauka Shopping Center
Bocalino’s Bar

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