Every Wednesday, The Shops At Wailea have live entertainment. Recently I had stopped by the ABC Store and heard music coming from the lower level. While the lighting is poor and it is a very short video, you can see that everyone was enjoying themselves.

We are beginning to have 4-lane highways on Mau’i. I guess that all the local drivers have never heard of the law which states that slower traffic must “Keep To The Right.” Transplants and visitors have all grown up knowing this law and the safety reasons behind it. It is time for the State Department of Transportation to start posting signs informing the motoring public. Maybe some PSAs on radio and television, also. As a former cop, I know how dangerous slow drivers in the “fast” lane can be. Forcing others to pass them on the right.

Oh, this isn’t just a Mau’i problem. I see the same thing when I visit Honolulu.

Everyone seems to have the same stupid mindset:


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