Well, the autumnal equinox occurs on Friday.

Summer offically ends and we all know that ghosts & goblins, turkeys, Saint Nick and Father Time are rapidly approaching.

Here on Mau’i, we are in the September doldrums. Very few tourists. Its a well kept secret that this month has the best weather of the year, hotels and condos are offering discounts and the various activity businesses have cut their fees to the absolute minimum. Anything to draw people in.

Newcomers to the tourist indrustry are now learning why all of us old-timers stash money away during the busy times. You have to if you plan on paying your bills and eating during the lean times.

My good buddy, Tammy, the bartender at Neptune’s

Business is so slow at the moment that I only had 7 fares during my 10-hour shift Tuesday night and 4 fares during the 10-hours on Wednesday night.

Feces occurs.



The new Mau’i County Police cars are sporting a new striping scheme. If you click the above picture you’ll get a better view. The old style is on the left and the new is on the right.

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