Living on island creates many challenges. One is land value is expensive, so it’s ideal for real estate. The downside to this is that farms aren’t at top of the list to develop, which has created a shortage of farms.
To help change some of that my family and I are part of a group on Oahu called Community Sustained Agriculture or CSA for short.

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The CSA is great! we pay a small fee each month for a box of super tasty produce grown on farms right here on Oahu and the produce is delivered to a location near our home. The islands contain the perfect climate for 3 growing seasons a year!!

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So this past weekend we went out to the country to share and assist in “our” garden for fun. Trimming, mulching, whacking…It was a rewarding feeling. I know where my food is coming from (no e-coli spinach here!) and in the process supporting local farmers.

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If you are doing something to change for the better email me.


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