Hawaii’s Gifts 4, 5, 6 & 7

So these are all late and I am just going to briefly mention them since the deadline already passed.

Gift #4: Hawaii Five-0 and Other TV movie productions: Surely many other cities have had film and TV productions based there. Hawaii has long had a presence on the industry map and is known for the TV series Hawaii Five-0, Magnum P.I. and most recently LOST. There have been others. We have some TV fans who make it a hobby to keep up with filming of current productions such as LOST. Fans of Hawaii Five-0 will finally get to see their favorite TV show released to DVD this coming February. Hooray!

Many other TV productions, commercials and news programs are shot in Hawaii.

Hawaii has long been a good location for movie production and several major pictures have been shot entirely or in part at various locations throughout Hawaii. Among the well known titles are Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Tears in the Sun, 50 First Dates, Mighty Joe Young and Blue Crush. There are many others going all the way back to the early 1900s. Hoorary for Hollywood in Hawaii!

Hawaii Gift #5: Michelle Wie: The teen phenomena is Hawaii’s current big celebrity. She has done very good on the professional women’s golf tour and has enterd the PGA several times often on exemption. She has a big following the world over. Check out the Wieblog for more information on the famous teen golfer.

Hawaii Gift #6: Scientific Research to Advance our Understanding of Earth & the Stars: This is kind of an unusual one, but I have chosen it because Hawaii has long established a reputation of being the one of the important centers for geologic, volcanic, ocean and astronomical research. Hawaii’s connection to volcanology is well known. We have the most active and most accessible volcanoes in the world. Scientists continually study earthquakes, seismic activity and all things related. Ocean studies are huge at the University of Hawaii and other institutions. And astronomy is a big industry on both the islands of Maui and Hawaii. We have some of the best viewing locations in the world for distant star research on both Haleakala mountain and Mauna Kea. Only the Hubble Space telescope is a better location.

Hawaii Gift #7: Surfing!Surfing is probably the most famous sport ever exported from Hawaii. The ancient Hawaiians used to surf from before the time of the first explorers. Hawaii’s most famous athlete is a surfer, Duke Kahanmoku, who was also an Olympic medalist, well reknown swimmer, beachboy and Hawaiian “amabassador of Aloha”. The sport of surfing is a huge worldwide industry today and has its own professional tours and personalities. Surfing has its own culture that is perpetuated not only in Hawaii but all over the world. Pop culture owes a lot to surfing: The Beach Boys, surf music, movies and even “surfing the web”.

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