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Hawaii’s Beautiful Skies and Weather

Which city has the best weather in the world? Duh? HONOLULU and the entire state of Hawaii is well known for mostly sunny skies, gleaming temperatures in the high 70s, and 80s along most coastlines of all islands. The weather is so pleasant in Hawaii that we don’t pay much attention to it unless it starts raining a lot or one of those rare storms decides to blow into the islands. The following are examples of our blissful weather conditions. Come and visit our piece of paradise…. Aloha!

Plumeria on Blue Sky

Plumeria flower kiss the sky at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki.

Downtown Honolulu

Cityscape with clear, blue skies!

The Hawaii Superferry is Here

Hawaii Superferry

The Hawaii Superferry will be a classy new way to travel inter-island. Residents and business users will be able to travel to another island bringing their own vehicle with them. This new interisland travel option will allow passengers to bring their vehicles with them for a weekend getaway, a month or more of travel to another island. The big plus is that passengers will be able to load their vehicles up with all of their personal belongings or goods (in the case of businesses) and take them along for the trip.

Hawaii Superferry starts passenger service sometime after September 5. The vessel called The Alakai will undergo Coast Guard certification over the next few weeks. It is expected to get its okay soon after.

The Hawaii Superferry was built in Alabama and after initial testing, was sailed to the islands last month, passing through the Panama Canal during its 17-day voyage. This ship is the first of 2 that will be in service in Hawaii by 2009.

  • Hawaii Superferry Photos

    Top Photo: The main deck dining area of the Hawaii Superferry.

    Hawaii Superferry
    The forward section of the Alakai will offer panoramic views of the Hawaiian islands.

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