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moar.gifWriting for Metblogs has the potential to be the most rewarding experience in your entire life. It’ll make you rich, famous, good looking, will help you lose weight, make your clothes fit better, and get you a super good deal on a new car. It will make you the most well known person on the entire planet. Yes, each and every one of you. Really.

OK maybe not. Actually those are all lies, but it’s fun at least. The truth is Metblogs is the largest network of locally focused blogs on the web, covering almost 60 cities around the world and we’re looking to add a few new bloggers/writters/authors to this fine site. If you wanna know more about us check out this wikipedia entry but it’s kinda boring so I won’t waste time repeating it all here again. If you wanna write for us, here’s the scoop:

  • All author positions are volunteer. That means you don’t get paid.
  • You must live in (or very near) the city you plan to write about.
  • Anything you post must relate to the city somehow. That means you shouldn’t post a movie review, but talking about going to see a movie at a local theater is fine.
  • There’s no requirement for how much you can or should write, but we ask that if we set you up as an author you make about 3 posts a week.
  • You can post about things you love, you can post about things you hate. It’s entirely up to you

Additionally, because of our global network, there’s plenty of options for things you write to be read by people all over the world. Interested? Want more details? Post a comment and we’ll be in touch!

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii

Elvis Aloha from Hawaii

Elvis has arrived in Hawaii. A few weeks ago the TV Land cable network donated this brand new, bronze likeness of Elvis Presley. The new statue was set up near Honolulu’s Blaisdell Center arena, where in 1973 Elvis performed to a sell out crowd and broadcast the concert by satellite to millions all over the world. On this day, the 30th anniversary of Elvis’s passing, I present this photo of Hawaii’s Elvis statue in his honor.

More photos at this link.

Hawaii Quarter Selected

Governor Linda Lingle selected the Hawaii Quarter design at a press conference yesterday. The Hawaii Quarter will be minted in 2008 and will be the final coin of the 50 state series that was started by the U.S. Mint in 1999. Governor Lingle predicts that this will be one of the most sought after coins in the series. The reverse design will feature King Kamehameha the Great, a map of the 8 Hawaiian islands, the state motto, Statehood date (1959) and the familiar “E Pluribus Unum.” Like all the other coins before it, the figure of President George Washington will be featured on the obverse side.


This is the former Tower Records Store on the corner of Keeuamoku and Makaloa Streets in Honolulu Hawaii. I shot this picture on a recent walk one afternoon. The store closed more than a month ago. The building is slowly deteriorating as the grafitti artists have already struck, leaving their ugly marks on many of the structure’s exterior surfaces.

The good news for this location is the fact that a Walgreens drug store is supposed to open here sometime this year. Walgreens will be a new entry into the Hawaii marketplace. They will be taking on the market leader Longs’ Drug, which has been established in Hawaii for more than 40 years.

This location is near the shopping meccas of Ala Moana Center and the WalMart /Sam’s Club complex just across the street.

Honolulu March for Life

The 34th annual Hawaii March for Life rally was heldon Monday, January 22 near the State Capitol in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hundreds of supporters of life came out to celebrate the sanctity of life — from conception to its natural end.

Participants heard inspiring speeches from clergy and political leaders of Hawaii who share in the common belief that “life is sacred” and must not be taken away even before it is born.

References to bills introduced in the State Legislature were acknowledged including measures that protect the unborn from partial birth abortion, parrental notification, and criminal acts. Several end of life measures will also be introduced to prevent physician assisted suicide.

Participants marched around the entire historic capital district in a march of unity that sent a strong message to the commuting public late in the afternoon.

Let Honolulu Vote!

We need initiative. Especially tax initiatives where citizens get the right to vote on any and all tax issues that effect their pocketbooks. Let Honolulu Vote is a grassroots organization created just for that. Their mission this year is to get as many as 60,000 registered voters to sign their petition to amend the Honolulu City Charter allowing voters to place tax issues on future ballots. Power to the people, let the people decide!

From their website:

What is LET HONOLULU VOTE doing?

The LET HONOLULU VOTE Petitions seek to amend the City Charter. The amendment would allow voters to place tax questions on future City ballots, using the initiative process (the same process as this Petition itself, i.e., gather enough signatures, and a question goes on the next election ballot). The current petition charter amendment would be voted on during the November 2008 election.

Put tax making decisions back into the people’s hands. Sign the petition today.

Additional links:

Photo: Taken at Rally/Press conference in front of Honolulu Hale (City Hall).

Happy Holidays from Hawaii

The annual Honolulu Hale (City Hall) Christmas light display is once again up for people to enjoy this holiday season. Thousands flock to city hall during the holiday season to view the lights, sights and sounds of Christmas. The annual display is kicked off on the first Saturday of each December with an annual Christmas light parade put on by the city featuring colorful and festive entries from various city departments. After the parade is over, the decorated area becomes a major community and tourist atraction during the holiday season.

To our Hawaii Metroblog readers, have a safe and happy holiday season. Aloha.

More photos at macprohawaii’s buzznet site.

This is where I first played Pac-Man


Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

My family used to come to Hawaii a lot when I was younger. As such my general sense of the geography of the place tends to be fairly limited. We stayed on Maui that’s what I knew and all I knew about our location. The hotel next to the suites we would stay in had an arcade, and the arcade had Pac-Man which was always one of the more exciting things about coming here.

Now I know we stayed in Wailea, and that’s where we’re staying now. Everything around here seems to evoke some memories, more so than a place like Vancouver where I’ve spent more time. Maybe it’s because every place in Vancouver I have countless memories, and here I have one or two. The airport seems unchanged in twenty-some years. The shopping centre a few miles from where we’re staying once made up of a corner store, an ice cream place and tourist traps is now a corner store, an ice cream place and very high end tourist traps such as the Gap, Banana Republic and Tiffany’s. The airport seemed more inviting, familiar.

I haven’t been able to find the Pac-Man machine yet. The hotel is undergoing major renovations so they may have moved it, but when I do I’ll have a quarter saved.

And now an outsiders view of Hawaii


Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

One of the great things about Metroblogging sites is the ability to read about a city, or in this case a state, by the people who live there. If you want to find out about life in Vancouver you head over to Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv] where I’m a blogger. Twenty-four hours ago I slipped on a patch of ice while walking home and landed on my back. My Christmas shopping ended up spread across the sidewalk and my cell phone went skidding into a snow bank.

It was time to get out of Canada and head somewhere warm. So now I’m in Hawaii, Maui to be exact, and I’ll be here for a bit, and blogging too. So for the next while in addition to the usual insiders guide to the islands you’ll be getting the annoying Canadian tourist’s view too, thankfully at no extra charge.

Vancouver and Hawaii share a lot of things. We both had Captain George Vancouver claiming things for Britain [wp]. We both slapped the union jack into our state/province flags. And for years Vancouverites, and other Canadians, have been coming to Hawaii and acting like tools. Our Premier Gordon Campbell got arrested for drunk driving while in Maui in 2003 (picture at the top of this post). We’re sorry about that. He’s a tool.

Over the next week or so I’ll be doing some blogging, depending on my internet access. Hopefully I’m not too out of the loop, and you enjoy some of it. Thanks for having me Hawaii, it’s certainly much better than laying on ice wondering if I’d ever be able to stand again.

Hawaii Kai’s Christmas Parade

The annual Hawaii Kai Christmas Parade sponsored by the Hawaii Kai Lions Club featured a bevy of bands, beauty queens, community marchers, decorated vehicles and politicans. The parade was held under “sunnily hot” and clear skies as it meandered down Lunalilo Home Road toward the Koko Marina Shopping Center. I managed to capture some of the moments with the photos posted here and to my BuzzNet site. Enjoy!

Select these thumbnails to see more than 22 photos at my BuzzNet site.

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