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Elvis Aloha From Hawaii

Elvis Aloha from Hawaii

Elvis has arrived in Hawaii. A few weeks ago the TV Land cable network donated this brand new, bronze likeness of Elvis Presley. The new statue was set up near Honolulu’s Blaisdell Center arena, where in 1973 Elvis performed to a sell out crowd and broadcast the concert by satellite to millions all over the world. On this day, the 30th anniversary of Elvis’s passing, I present this photo of Hawaii’s Elvis statue in his honor.

More photos at this link.

Hawaii Gift #3: Hula!

What can I say about the Hula? The Hula is known around the world as the official dance style from Hawaii. In recent years Hula has seen an explosion of popularity to the point where hula competitions are held in Hawaii and all over the world. Hula Halau come to Hawaii to compete in the annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival that is held in Hilo during the months of March or April. It is the biggest and most well known hula event in the world.

There are two type of hula, namely the hula kahiko which has its roots in ancient Hawaii and the modern hula ‘auana which you will see at many tourist attractions and parties. Both are practiced vigorously by the many hula halau (groups) the world over as both are represented in the Merrie Monarch festival.

Probably the most fun aspect of hula is the non-competitive spontaneous hulas that you may be lucky to see at local parties and festive luaus. Find a group of Hawaii people having a party and it is very likely someone will do a hula.

Additional References:

Merrie Monarch Festival

Wikipedia: Hula
Hawaiian Hula Archives
Hula Preservation Society

Photos by macpro taken May 2004.

Hawaii Gift #1: Steel Guitar

OK… so I am very late and we’ll see if I can cram 7 Christmas items all in by today.

First up… the Hawaiian Steel Guitar, which has been adopted in various shapes and form the world over. I think it was invented here and spread all over the world to enhance many genres of music. There is a Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association, and they have a ton of info on their website.

From their history page:

“When mainlanders first saw it, they didn’t know what to call it, so they reported that it was held on the lap and played with a steel bar. That’s how it got stuck with lapsteel which is still much used. But if you want to go first class, you’ll call it a steel guitar. It was originally a 6-string wooden guitar built to be a Spanish guitar, but converted to a steel guitar by inserting a metal converter nut (adapter nut) (extension nut) over the nut at the headstock to raise the strings about a half inch off the fretboard. It was originally tuned A Major low bass (1-6) E.C#.A.E.A.E, which has three strings tuned the same as the Spanish guitar.”

All I know is that the Hawaiian Steel Guitar produces a beautiful sound that enhances our local music. Of course anyone into country and western music or contemporary country and even some rock music, knows that steel guitars have long been in use. Hence Hawaii’s contribution to the music world.

Select this link for a steel guitar sound sample (MP3).

Reference links:

Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association
Table Steel Guitar @ Wikipedia
Pineapple Pete’s Steel Guitar Samples
Pineapple Pete’s Steel Guitar Site
Photo credit: Frank Baum, website

Kelley O’Neil’s

I don’t really write at Hawaii Metroblog any more, but since I accidentally posted this on MySpace as “Friends Only,” I figured I would post it here for non-MySpace users to read. Here you go guys.

I called up Ingu & asked him, “So, if we are going to see a classic rock gig, then would it be a major faux pas if I wore an Alice In Chains hat? I am having a major bad hair day.” And Ingu said it should be fine. So off I went.


The Closing of Tower Records

Tower Records Closing

Tower Records Closing

The entire Tower Records chain consisting of 89 stores nationwide announced bankruptcy liquidation 3 weeks ago. All stores are now in having their final liquidation sale. CDs and DVDs are 25 to 30% off their regular, high retail prices. It is quite funny that prices of previous bargain bin CDs have risen before the closeout discounts took effect. People are waiting for deeper percentage cuts, though some artists and sections are already selling out.

The old brick and mortar Tower Records stores are victims of file sharing, digital music download stores (iTunes) and big box, discount retailers such as WalMart, Best Buy and Circuit City. This series of photos were taken at Hawaii’s oldest Tower Records store on the corner of Keeaumoku and Makaloa Streets in Honolulu. I’ve been shopping at Tower Records for more than 20 years. The closing of this venerable institution will certainly be the end of an era for every music fan in Hawaii and around the world. Aloha Tower Records.


An iconic symbol of the Islands is the most beloved, late, great Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole


Stopped by The Shops At Wailea during my shift last night.

Every Wednesday, The Shops provide live entertainment during the evening.

Took a moment to capture, on video, one song from the featured performer.



I once waited on Kirk Hammett. Before I tell you what it was like to wait on someone from the band who inspired me to go out & buy an electric 6-string when I was 20 years old (“Fade To Black,” bebe.), there’s a little pre-story some might find enjoyable.

Once upon a time, in a little bar owned by a couple (now divorced) who loved rock music, there was a customer who I will call Jake, just for the hell of it. Now, Jake was thought to be a little odd by many if not most regulars in the bar, although he wasn’t a bad guy or anything. First, once he had cornered someone to talk to, he would talk incessantly. Non-stop. I mean, the guy really knew how to ramble (Jimmy Page to be mentioned later in this story). This initially scared a few people & I do recall someone hiding in the restroom to escape Jake’s endless chat.

Pimpbot’s 5th Anniversary at the Wave

Ok, I wrote a whole ton of stuff about what happened last night at the Wave. But I accidentally hit some button here and some how managed to not only open a new window, but delete my entire entry that I was working on. And now I’m just too tired from typing to retype it. Look at the photos, and I’m sure you can figure out how the night went along. Posting the pics in chronological order. Linus the band, Missing Dave, then Pimpbot. Many shots of SoCo and Jager, strange contests, fun-lovin’ fans…all made for a great party.

Pimpbot’s 5th Anniversary Event

Who cares if it’s raining cats n’ dogs? I’ll be here:

Heineken presents…PIMPBOT’s 5th Anniversary Party
with special guests…
Missing Dave

March, 10 2006 at Wave Waikiki
1877 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Cost: 21+ welcome; $7; $2 off if you wear a neck tie!!!

Most Rad Neck Tie Contest!!!
Prizes by Buti Groove

Hosted by C Child & Whiskey Dick

You should, too.
If you haven’t checked out Pimpbot’s cover of “Careless Whisper”, ya ought to. It’s good.
*mental note: must remember to bring camera*

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