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Every Wednesday, The Shops At Wailea have live entertainment. Recently I had stopped by the ABC Store and heard music coming from the lower level. While the lighting is poor and it is a very short video, you can see that everyone was enjoying themselves.


That is the main reason for people to come to south Mau’i.

Thusly, the majority of people aren’t here to party until the “wee” hours of the morning. For those that want to do some dancing and drinking, there are a limited number of bars. Hotel guests, in Wailea, are surprised to find that all the major hotels close their bars at 11:00pm. If they want to continue drinking, they have to go “off-campus”..

Mau’i County has some archaic liquor laws. Package sales of alcohol stop at 11:00pm. Bar close is at 2:00am and don’t forget your ID. To buy any alcohol on Mau’i you must present a valid, government issued, ID, regardless of your age. You may be 97 years old and look 120 years old but without a valid ID you will not be served by the package or by the drink. Be forewarned.

On all of the following images, click the pic to see the interior of the bar

The closest bar to the hotels is called “Mulligans” and is at the 19th puka on the Wailea “Blue” Golf Course. It is Mau’i’s version of an Irish Pub. They have opened a second location, this summer, on Front street, in Lahaina town.



My name is Wil and I am a new author with MetroBlog-Hawai’i.

I am going to try and post here every day. My posts will not be about politics or whats in the latest headlines of the paper. I could care less about either. What I will be doing is relating views (with PIX) of the beautiful island that I live on. Mau’i isn’t called “The Magic Isle” without reason. Along the way I will tell stories about what happens while I drive a cab.

Bear with me as I learn how to use the tools of this weblog. I may mess up occassionally but I try. Feces occurs.

A word about comments. I do read and enjoy comments but you’ll never find a response from me there. I figure that I have the front page here and the other pages belong to you folks. If I feel that a query is important enough to respond to, then I’ll do it in a future post.

Okay, I fibbed a little. Here is a political cartoon that I thought was so true.

Some Mau’i pics:


Okay, lets post this and see how badly I have screwed up

Back tomorrow.

If you want to read my main blog, just get yourself over to PARADISE DRIVER BTW – If you a using any version of MSIE as your browser, be advised that my main blog isn’t displayed properly by MSIE so use Firefox instead. MAC users with Safari browsers shouldn’t have a problem.

Aloha, y’all

Not enough coffee.


The end.

At my house too.

IMG_0323.JPGI blame my dad for washing his car.

On Friday I woke up & answered a phone call from Staci. We chatted about work, Tuesday’s gig, & the weather. I looked out the window & saw items from my back porch floating by the fence. I excused myself from the phone.

At right is part of the back porch. The potted aloe plant is sitting on top of some hollow tile, which is sitting next to a 25 gallon tank which used to hold water lilies but recently only had some fish, & now only has my faithful plecostomus. Sitting next to the 25-gallon are my 2 brine shrimp buckets, one of which was doing well. The reason why you don’t see these things is because they are completely submerged. When I stepped onto the porch, the water was up to my knees.

Water, water everywhere

Yesterday we had the worst flooding in Honolulu in 20 years. I’ve been seeing pictures of flooding from across the island on the web, on TV and in the newspapers. What I didn’t expect was to walk downstairs this morning to find out there had been a mudslide into my garage. This must have happened yesterday, but when I came home from work last night I walked right by it and didn’t notice it. (I park in the driveway.) I live in a split-level home, and small bits of mud has been creeping into my garage from a seam in the wall for the last 2 weeks, but this time there was a 5″ cake of mud covering the entire floor. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but I just got done shoveling only half of it and I had to take a break. I wish I had pictures, but my camera battery is dead. The rain is starting to get ridiculous now – we’ve had 6 weeks of it pretty much non-stop. On a lighter note, one of the multiplex theaters flooded yesterday, and kid watching Ice Age got to experience the greatest special effect ever.

Rainy downtown

More rainAfter so much rain I had to put up a picture of our wet city. I understand we have had more rain in the last month than places like Seattle. The photo is from my office overlooking Bishop Street. I don’t usually bust out the umbrella but it has become standard urban gear for Honolulu. According to the weather people the rain is supposed to continue into the weekend. Right now it’s not raining but just the thought of another wet weekend is not too appealing. It’s not too bad when you are stuck in the office but it’s a bummer when it happens all weekend long.

Botanical Bathrooms

I’m now wondering if there’s any place in Hawai’i that would have these
Seems fitting, no?
I know, it’s a strange post. I was looking for a photo of a flower when it came up in Google. And with my A.D.D.-ness I ended up checking out the rest of the site and for a short while, forgot why I ended up there and what I was looking for in the first place.

The Red Wiggler.

01-27%20wiggler.JPGI’m going to cry. What the hell is this thing now? I found a bunch of them at the bottom of one of my buckets in which I have quarantined my water lilies. It swims like a mosquito wiggler. If you hold one end & pull the other, the whole exoskeleton slides off & it bleeds red stuff. I know, gross. Sorry. Why does it have those pincer-looking things on the end?

I fed them to my guppies I don’t care about that much & they liked them, & so I fed more to my puffers, who liked them.

Now I am trying to figure out how to grow some more. But… what are they, anyway? I’ve never seen red mosquito wigglers.

Rainy days bring…fungi.

With all this heavy rain, I knew I should expect to see some fungi sprouting here and there in the yard but I’ve never seen this type before. Usually they’re much “thinner” and not as pretty. More like the ones you see growing on dead trees. These were a pleasant surprise (I know, it doesn’t take much to impress me). Wish I could eat them so they don’t go to waste, ha!

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